The Growie® -Concept

Many companies position themselves, their products or services as being close to nature, being compatible with nature or simply environmentally friendly. Thus their communication strategy often uses symbols of nature. Especially environmental- and nature-friendly product-properties draw the consumers´┐Ż attention to the advertised commodity.

The Growie® concept works on the basis of a carrier-system and the emotional charging of products and services. Herein Growie® itself acts as a carrier of valuable cargo: natural germinating plant-seeds represent the strength and power of nature and of ecological processes.

As a part of nature themselves they symbolise positive and friendly company- and product-properties like growth, sustainability and responsibility. The carrier with its environmentally friendly wrapping can be used as an advertising media as well as a protective casing for the plant-seeds.

Plants and their seeds are living nature in a miniature format. With their growth they symbolise global process-cycles and are very much suited for emotionally charging up any product or service. Through personally seeding and fostering the recipient is actively involved in the communication process.

People do not just transfer their tender loving care on to a germinating, growing plant – that plant also conveys a positive impression of a protective green and living environment through its shape and character.

Fruit, seeds (vegetables and oil-seeds) and fragrance (medicinal herbs and sweet smelling plants) are the plants’ gift to human beings. As trees they grow up to the sky for generations as part of men’s lives.

The Growie® concept uses the fact that plants usually live together with ‘their human beings ’ for a long while. The addressee therefore perceives the transmitted message as long-lasting and links these associations with the original sender of that Growie®.

Additionally those chosen plants and seeds often refer to the advertised product. Examples can be found in food or the contents of cosmetics or ‘wellness’-products –these can be closely connected with a positive plant-imagery.

Those symbolic messages can be fundamentally assigned to this range of topics:
- growth, productivity
- health, food, nutrition
- future, family
- environment, nature, sustainability
- emotions: joy, love, joviality
- attraction, grace, beauty