Growie® - the climate neutral and cheerful promotional item with a long-life guarantee

Growie® is a new, living promotional item which displays a company’s
communication-content to its customers in a previously unknown and unique way.

The wrapping of this very attractive and exciting item is made of a novel
biosynthetic that is completely biodegradable within normal biological cycles.

Thus a new generation of promotional items has been created – environmentally
friendly, individually mouldable and printable. Each Growie takes any desired shape – no matter if heart, star or kissing mouth – and carries something very special on
the inside.

Imbedded in the biosynthetic wrapping of the Growie® slumber attractive plant-seeds
which the addressee then sows and marvels at its growth.

Via this quite novel way Growie® transports the company-identity by using
the grace and power of nature, which itself is affected by responsibility
and sustainability, aiming right at the emotional world of the consumer.

This advertising article, ecologically sound and copious of symbols, works
always well, is easy to use, application-oriented and –optimised. It is
quite perfect for the direct marketing of companies that want to be up to
standard with the social leitmotif of sustainability.