Direct marketing

The Growie® is absolutely ideal for use in direct marketing.

In order to attract powerful attention the „Growie® -step-by-step“ system is strongly advisable. The aim of sending this Growie® is a progressive penetration and strengthing of the awareness as well as the main message of your product.

It is quite possible to have seasonal Growie® -greetings for your target-group – with appropriately filled containers (i.e. seeds of the season) and, at the same time, keep the individual company characteristics and mutually developed concepts.

Thus your custom-made Growie® arrives at your clients on a regular basis.

For all your direct marketing campaigns Growie® guarantees a friendly and remarkable performance within your target-group. It raises your addressees’ curiosity through its haptic qualities.

Your advertising message remains with the consumers in a friendly and sustainable way. The planting of the Growie® and the caring for the Growie® -plant always provide positive associations with your company.